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Mary Poplin Worldsview Project Update – Feb 26th 2018

Initial Filming Complete It is wonderful to report that the initial filming of Mary's testimony and the four worldviews sessions is complete.  The live college audience hosted by the NORTH College and Career Ministry [...]

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C.S.Lewis Foundation’s Oxbridge 2017 Lecture #2

"Our Universal Vocation as Homo Viator: The Quest for Heaven" - Joseph Pearce The Oxbridge 2017 theme was, “Irrigating Deserts & Cultivating Gardens: Pursuing Calling with Purpose & Hope” Joseph Pearce is a [...]

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Lil Pi Do

Do you remember when you last fancied yourself the tough guy, the beautiful princess, or the handsome, suave and self-confident race car driver? That was me, the race car driver, when I was an insecure adolescent, [...]

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Afternoon On The Square

Saturday, December 9th Don't miss a great afternoon on the square: Lunch Coffee Dessert Poetry Reading (starts at 1:00 pm) and Book Signing (ends at 3:00 pm) Click [...]

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Topping the Tree

  I misplaced the star that once stood on our tree, guess this thing will do? - K The Haiku* is my interpretation of the mBot cartoon by muse.** Comment with your own [...]

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England Vlog #5 – University Church, Oxford, Up the tower…

  Oxford adventure blog #5 Getting a little medieval setting up for the first session of the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute ! #cslewisfoundation #cslewis2017 Posted by Kirk Manton on Monday, July 24, 2017 [...]

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Book Launch Turns Into…

The book launch for The Grace of Rain has turned into a Celebration of Local Creative Artists. With live music, an art show, short films, as well as book signing and poetry reading. Get all the details [...]

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Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon – A Different Story of 300

How often do you face circumstances where you just don't seem to have enough of what it takes to succeed. There may be a greater goal in play? This morning my reading in the Word [...]

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A Snippet from SKĪĪSLANDER

The poem SKĪĪSLANDER from The Grace of Rain tells of how we can be reminded daily that God keeps His word. Told in the mythical style, the poem reminds me of the verse in Hebrews [...]

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A Thought from The Thread for a Sunday Afternoon

God is good. Not because of the wonderful, but the other way around. Every once in a while, when a friend says, "God is good," after telling me about something wonderful that has happened [...]

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My poem, THE MYTH OF HEAVEN, was inspired by a G.K. Chesterton poem entitled, By A Babe Unborn. "By the Babe Unborn" by G.K. Chesterton If trees were tall and grasses short, As in [...]

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The Grace of Rain is Now available for pre-order at Subscribe to The Thread and keep receive other artist's work inspired by the book. Creativity is a gift from the Creator to His creation. [...]

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No Longer An Orphan

Today's thoughts from the Word, Galatians chapter 4  Come join The Thread (blog) for Snippets of Poerty, Devotionals, Essays and more... Galatians 4:3 (ESV) 3 In the same way we also, when we were children, [...]

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Today’s Word from Judges chapter 4

God speaks through Deborah, prophetess and judge of Israel: Judges 4:7 (ESV) 7 And I will draw out Sisera, the general of Jabin's army, to meet you by the river Kishon with his chariots and [...]

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Snippet from THE SHOW

A Snippet from a poem dedicated to Patty Manton. She loved "The Show" God painted for her every day! #thegraceofrain #pattymanton #sunset   WHY ARE CLOUDS SO WHITE? How can we reflect the truth? How [...]

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Snippet fitting for Halloween

I thought this was a fitting snippet for Halloween. From a poem about being grateful to be proven wrong. Have a great All Saints Eve! #thegraceofrain #halloween #moon #orangemoon

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A little something to start your day, a thought provoking image from uncle Milton and a snippet from The Grace of Rain #thegraceofrain #milton #paradiselost #miltonparadiselost

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Snippet from THE GRACE OF RAIN

Rachael O'Connell, you sure know how to capture the moment. #rachaelface #thegraceofrain

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Snippet from the mind of G.K. Chesterton

Slay any dragons lately? Add to the Thread #dragons #gkchesterton #thegraceofrain

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Snippet from UNEXPECTED

Take a stand... Comment and add to The Thread. #thegraceofrain

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The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee

I can't say enough about this book. It quite literally has been used by God to change my life. Most significant in how it defines the differences between the Soul and the Spirit of Man [...]

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